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Re: [IP] comparing meters

The obvious question for me is which strips are you using?  Accu-Chek has a 
few different machines and a few differnt kinds of strips.  The two that fit 
my Complete are totally different in their reliablity.  The regular Advantage 
strips are kind of "old fashioned" in that you have to use a fairly large 
drop of blood and make sure to drop it directly in the center of the square, 
if you don't use enough blood, it gives you a low result.  The other strips 
are the Comfort Curve and there's very little way to screw these up.  There 
is a little indented area that you put your finger and blood sample up to and 
it sucks it in.  The machine does not start until you have put enough blood 
in and you can continue to add blood until there is enough, whereas the other 
strips aren't reliable when you do.  I don't know if this helps, but the 
reliability of your blood sample is something to consider.  

<< Not only that, I continued to test with the Accu-Chek every minute for 5 
minutes. The results varied from 143 to 84. I'm uncomfortable with these 
results. I tried the glucose solution and it tested in the acceptable range. 
While I like many of the
features, can I trust the results? Lynn >>

IDDM since July 1976...born May 1975...pumping since March 2000 with Tabitha, 
my blue minimed 508
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