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[IP] little guys & bladder update


Just the opposite :) Sounds like you are doing great. I'm a mom with DM and 
have a son 2 years old. I know how difficult feeding youngster is and I would 
not trade places. I'm glad for Braden that there will be so many treatments 
and perhaps a cure that will eliminate or make living with DM much easier.

Wanted to give an update on my medical question from the other day since I 
would imagine parents of children with DM also reading posts might be 
disheartened. The autonic bladder, I have been told, responds quite well with 
treatment. Microalbumin in urine will most likely remain stable with bg 
contol and can be reduced with medication. Since my control has been good 
that is most positive.

Hope that your week is good. Maybe it is the heat of the summer, but my 2 
year old has been a monster (up half the night last night). Take care.

Beth H.
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