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[IP] Re: Comparison Meters

I have alot of problem trusting the reading I receive from the
Sure-Step!  Because it is smaller...it is one I have to carry with me.
Earlier this year...while out of town...the Sure-Step gave me a reading
of 40. WHAT? I re-tested and was 120!

Just day before yesterday...I tested with my One Touch Profile and
received a high reading. Checked with the Sure-Step from same finger
poke and the Sure-Step gave me a reading of 100 points higher!!!
Now...which high to treat I wondered?

The scary part for me is...since I now carry to the Sure-Step to test
BEFORE driving...

I did decide yesterday to go back to carrying my older model Profile
with me...as big and hulky as it is.

The reason for the high? Not certain...BUT could be that on Saturday
mornng I was run over by a flock of sheep and now have a broken tail
bone AND when I drove up to my home Saturday afternoon I found five fire
trucks putting out a fire on my property....a little stress?  Lost our
tractor and some of the orchard...horse, goats, and dog's okay...no
building loss.

Becky LaSpina
IDDM -1957   MM507C -12/29/98

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