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[IP] Sugar alcohol, Fresca and/or Oreo problems

>Has anyone had trouble with Fresca (the softdrink) and BG?  It says on the >can that it has 0 carbs but I find that hard to believe when the last time I >drank it my BG shot through the roof! I did check the can after and read that >there is some juice concentrate in it..but wouldn't it have the carbs listed >then?

hmmm. Shane drinks Fresca often and never has a problem with it.
However, last week he had some double stuff Oreos, bolused according to
the carbs on the package, and went really high from them. His
"experiments" showed that he needed to bolus approximately double what
he would normally bolus. His experiments required almost the entire
package to complete :-)
His grandma always gets him lots of "sugar free" candy and such, and
after reading labels, we discovered that many of them have sugar alcohol
and are just as high in carbs as the "real thing". This really bothers
me. I'm sure there are lots of people out there who do not know (as Sara
SP points out), "a carb is a carb is a carb!" Worse, some of these
products contain honey, which is very difficult for Shane to account for
-- always makes him spike fast, then low later.
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