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Re: [IP] Looking for sports oriented endo/CDE and/or Sports physiologist to work with

Liz and Andrea,

I ran cross country in high school and college.  It was back in my pre-pump
days, but maybe I can be of some help.

Figuring out what to eat was always a problem for me too.  Since I wasn't on
the pump, my practice times were right when my long-acting insulin was
peaking, so I had to eat a lot.  Now I can go for pretty long runs without
eating so much that feel ill.  I tried doing some runs at the same general
time that I would be running meets, so I could get a feel for what the meet
would be like (blood sugars and my stomach!)  For me, the adrenaline rush
throw my blood sugars all over the place during meets, so I just had to do
lots of tests leading up to my race (2hrs before, 1hr before, after warm-up,
15 min. before race -- and that's if things were going well!).

My friends and I would always go out for pizza/pasta the night before races.
This wasn't so much for the carb loading as it was for the camaraderie.  My
marathoning friend who has  done "real" carb loading (which includes a carb
depletion phase for 3 days and then a loading phase for 2 -3 days) says that
this will only help in endurance events longer than 2 hours.

I have never used the sports drinks, but I do use Powerbars before I run.  I
don't really pay attention to what any of these products say about
"improving performance," but the Powerbars keep my blood sugars up and they
don't bother my stomach when I run.  I would just tell Andrea to find what
works and stick with it.  (My first couple years of high school I would eat
half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich 30 min. before I ran!  It just
seemed to work for me!)

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me personally.

Tell Andrea good luck with the upcoming season, and have fun!
Dan Bergan
email @ redacted

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