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[IP] Accucheck glucometer & Pump preparation

I bragged last week about the free Accucheck they sent me in the mail.  Well, I finally ran out of test strips for my Basic, and decided to try it.  Impatient person
that I am, I didn't really read the instructions first, just skimmed.  Of course I got the display and instructions stuck on Spanish.  My highschool Spanish class
didn't quite prepare me for that. So then I did end up reading more of the instructions to get back to English.  I gotta tell you, I like this new machine.  I got a
non-bleeder and I was able to make it work without sticking myself again.  You can see right away if it is enough blood instead of waiting through the count-down to
see "not enough blood" at the end, and you can add more blood if it doesn't look like enough.
Yep I like it.  My low-tech past of just writing them down is gone--I'm going to do spiffy little graphs and everything!

My appointment with the trainer is a week from Tuesday.  I have spent some time reading the Walsh book, and it's a lot of information.  I've decided that I'm going to
make myself flashcards.  I'm going to get some index cards with a spiral binding to keep them together and write little topic cards.  Something like "What do to when
sites go bad", "Boluses" and "Carb. Counting Tips".  Maybe that sounds silly, but I really think it will help.  I'm also going to have a list of questions to take with
me so that I don't draw a blank when I get home.  Anyone else have any organizational tips or advice?

Sherry C. from the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Watching the clock as she dusts her pump

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