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Re: [IP] sugar free is not carb free

> > They are 16g of carb but do I have to worry about the sugar alcohol?
                                OK-I dont mind being the guineau pig for
this test, Hubby brought all kinds of
                                        cookies for me to eat.  (I do have a
problem that each cookie is 110 calories
                                        and thats 18 minutes on the
treadmill for that number)
> those nasty Estee candies sweetened with Manitol m(is that what is was)  I
> particularly loved the warning about it having a laxative affect!  LOL.
           Maybe they would work better than the fibrecon does, both are
outrageously expensive
> If   I don't think the sugar alcohol,
> whatever that is, is SEPARATE from the total carbs...if it IS in addition
> the total carbs then yes you have to bolus for it.  >
 Does anyone know what the sugar alcohol is and what it does?  It is listed
separately and alot of foods contain it.  (Just trying to be well educated

> my suggestion is eat another one...heh heh...more cookies...is GOOOOD
I ended up going low after the high so I dont think it was the cookie that I
had incorporated into my lunch bolus. But Im more than happy to continue
this science experiment.  What a great experiment!!  LOL

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