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RE: [IP] Meter Comparisons

Tom Wellman [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> George's advice is good, but make sure that which ever one
> you consistently use is close to your doctor's lab readings.

Even this is not really useful for clinical evaluation.  Standard meters are
designed only to be used to get a general idea of trends and to assist in
adjusting medication, etc.  What physicians/etc. look for is not the
absolute numbers but the excursions and general trends up or down.  For
clinical indication of control, prognosis, and likelihood of complications,
the HbA1c is the most reliable test, and even then, only if it's a full lab
test and not one of the waived methodologies (typical [but not always] of
tests done in the physician's office).  Even lab FBG tests are useful only
to indicate what one's glucose level is *now*, and is no indicator of

Jim Handsfield
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