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[IP] sugar free is not carb free

dauna wrote
>  sugar went up to 331 after eating a sugar free archway cookie. 
> They are 16g of carb but do I have to worry about the sugar alcohol? 

I am sure you know this, but to those who might not realize it....a carb is a 
carb is a carb...doesnt matter if it comes from honey, white sugar, brown 
sugar, raisins, a snickers bar, green beans, milk or a banana...you must 
bolus for  the carbs you eat.  Sugar-free means hardly nothing...maybe it is 
sweetened with fruit juice...fructose IS A SUGAR.  or manitol...remember 
those nasty Estee candies sweetened with Manitol m(is that what is was)  I 
particularly loved the warning about it having a laxative affect!  LOL.

If the total carbs of one cookie are 16, then I personally would bolus 1 
unit...as my ratio is actually 1:16.  I don't think the sugar alcohol, 
whatever that is, is SEPARATE from the total carbs...if it IS in addition to 
the total carbs then yes you have to bolus for it.  I am not familiar with 

Anything that ends is -ose is a sugar...sucrose, glucose, lactose, maltose, 
dextrose...well not everything...dose, hose, rose, nose, close, those (heh 
heh...even "those") aren't sugars...but you get my drift...

Dont let yourself get upset by the 331...take it as part of your on-going 
science project...eat another one and see how much insulin you need to avoid 
a spike like that...ENJOY your food, whether is it sugar free or full of the 
stuff!!!  :-)

my suggestion is eat another one...heh heh...more cookies...is GOOOOD


Sara SP
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