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[IP] basal woes

<<< is anyone having as hard a time as I am setting basal rates?  I will get
Brian to fast (3-4 hours at a time) and get different results all the
time.  One day he'll go up between 6AM and 10AM, then he might stay the
same, then he might go down -  all without making any changes to his
basal rates.   >>>

Hi Laurie - I share your frustration - we can't even get Adam to fast, as
he gets too hungry and whiny - we test at night, and sometimes he's up and
down as well. We generally see a trend develop, then adjust the basals then. 

<This is a little extreme - but last night he was 133 at
10:00pm and 30 minutes later he was 45!!! His basal rate then is only .1
units and his bedtime snack bolus of 1.5 units was at 8:45pm. >

Could you have miscounted the carbs when he dropped so much in 1/2 an hour
recently? That happens to us sometimes, we think he ate a certain amount,
then find it half eaten on the floor! That particular instance sounds more
like overbolusing than basal rate. Keep up the good work, I know it can be
very discouraging. We have days that we can't figure out what is going
on!!! Remember, these are very little kids, and not adults like many on the
list (who have occasional problems too).

Linda, mom to Adam, 41/2, pumping 6 months! and Jenna, 2 1/2, non-d
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