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Re: [IP] Meter Comparisons

Hi David,

George's advice is good, but make sure that which ever one
you consistently use is close to your doctor's lab readings.
Keep the other for an emergency backup (I keep one in my
hurricane kit - just need to make sure that I get fresh
strips periodically).

I've found that different types of meters of the same brand
can even give some different results.  I use two Fast
Takes - one at home and one for on-the-go.  They are usually
pretty close to each other, but even from the same sample
using the same vial of strips, they will give different
results.  My Accucheck Advantage and Accucheck Completes are
the same (I keep the Advantage in my Hurricane Kit and gave
the Complete to my mother in law for a backup).  The
Advantage, at least for me, is always right on my doctor's
tests - I just like the convenience of the Fast Take size
and new strips better.

The only major problem I've found is with the In Charge. I
know that some people swear by them, but I've been through
two meters with Lynx and they both ran over 50% off of my
doctor's labs.  Plus the Fructosomine (sp?) test gives me
"poor" readings while my bg's are stable at 90-150 and my
HgA1c is 5.4....Stopped using the In Charge and now just use
my two Fast Takes (I take them both to the lab when they
test the bg's - one is always a few points higher and one is
a few points lower, always within 5 to 10 points of the lab
in total).

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