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[IP] Looking for sports oriented endo/CDE and/or Sports physiologist to work with

I am hoping someone on the list can help us. Both Andrea and I are feeling 
very out of our league and am hoping that someone out there knows of either a 
sports oriended endo/CDE  or a diabetes-oriented sports 
physiologist/nutritionist to work with in the Cleveland, OH area.  

Andrea is a runner (long distance / cross coutnry) and we're coming up on the 
Cross country season again -- trying to figure out how much of what to eat 
and when before races and practices.  Thank goodness for the pump --- but we 
need answers to things like --- Does Carb-loading work -- for people with 
diabetes? What are the effects of the various gartorades, powerbars, GU,etc - 
type athletic foods?  

We've read and read, but there really isn't much out there specifically 
dealing with athletes with diabetes.  Just general stuff like -- eat before 
exercising.  We need some fine tuning here!

Thanks for your help -- reply to my personal e-mail if you feel more 
comfortable doing it that way.  (email @ redacted)

Liz B.
Mom of a maniac runner
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