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[IP] Re: Backpacking

> From: Maureen Reagan
> Basal rates: this is somewhat complicated and took me
> several trips to figure out.  For the most part, while
> we are hiking, I run basal rates 1/3 to 1/2 of my
> normal rates (depending on if it is flat or hilly or
> extremes in weather).  Then (and this was a HUGE key
> for me) right after I'm done setting up camp, I need
> to give myself about a 4 unit bolus or I will go high
> (I tried just running higher basals while hiking, and
> I would go low, but if I don't give that bolus, I go
> way high about an hour after I stop)..........<snip>

I also reduce my basal by 25-50%, or suspend for 1-2 hours if the terrain is
rugged.  Like you, I used a small bolus afterward to prevent a high bG.  I
now avoid the need for a bolus by resuming my normal basal about 30 minutes
before the end of hiking.  That can sometimes be difficult to know in
advance.  I also get better results by reducing my basal rate 30 minutes
before starting the hike.

John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 since 1956
MM 507 since 6/9/98

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