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[IP] Re: Backpacking

I've gone on a several backpacking trips since I
started pumping.

Basal rates: this is somewhat complicated and took me
several trips to figure out.  For the most part, while
we are hiking, I run basal rates 1/3 to 1/2 of my
normal rates (depending on if it is flat or hilly or
extremes in weather).  Then (and this was a HUGE key
for me) right after I'm done setting up camp, I need
to give myself about a 4 unit bolus or I will go high
(I tried just running higher basals while hiking, and
I would go low, but if I don't give that bolus, I go
way high about an hour after I stop).  Remember YMMV. 
I only found out this is what works for ME through
testing testing testing.  Now while I'm hiking I
"only" test about every 2 hours.  The first few trips,
it was more like an hourly thing.  And the first time
I gave myself a 4 unit bolus when my bg was around
100, and I was not eating, I was petrified.  However,
it works for me.  I also try to make sure I eat a lot
of protien while I'm on the trail (typically, I don't
eat a whole lot of protien).

As for sites, I've found that arm sites (with long
tubing) works the best by far for me.  Most of my
stomach sites get rubbed too much by the waistbelt,
and my legs the absorption does not seem to be as
consistent as my arms when I'm hiking.

I always have twice as many supplies as I think I
need.  I keep half of it in my pack, and half of it in
another members pack.  For longer trips, I usually
take a bottle of R as well just in case my pump dies. 
I also take an alarm clock so I can check my bg in the
middle of the night.  My glucogen kit is kept in the
first aid kit (along with a spare meter).  I also give
everyone a tube of cake jell (in a zip lock baggie).

Attached to my waistbelt, I have a small camera case. 
In it, I have my meter (a FastTake), test strips, and
lancet in a zip lock baggie (once again the small
snack size ones are awsome).  I usually have one of
the little juice boxes, a roll of Livesavers, and a
pouch of fruit snacks (those are good to eat one or
two if you aren't feeling low, but you suspect you are
dropping).  I keep my pump clipped to my waistbelt as

I hope you have a great trip!  If you have any more
questions, feel free to ask.


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