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Re: [IP] Basal rates question

I have been testing quite often as well (I was also one of those who rarely 
tested before my pump) because it helps me.  I think my doc thinks its more 
often than necessary, but it works for me and if its working for you, then 
that's all that really matters.  The reason they may discourage you from 
after meal tests are that you shouldn't correct those after meal numbers too 
soon until you know how much insulin is still working from your meal bolus.  
Its difficult to test and not correct, but that's what is recommended until 
you have a really good sense of how long it takes for your insulin and food 
to be used/digested.  I now only test after meals when I'm not sure if I 
calculated correctly.  I am not a computer and I rarely weigh things after 
the first time I eat a new food...I learn what visual size represents a 
number of carbs and I estimate from there... I prefer to correct sooner 
rather than later for those times when I miscalculate.  High fat meals are 
also important for me to test after because its very easy to miscalculate the 
"now" and "over the next x hours" bolus.  I have decided that if an hour 
after my meal I am over 160, then I consider correcting then rather than 
waiting.  I know that if I calculate my bolus accurately that I don't spike 
much higher than 160 or so.  Likewise if I check a half an hour to hour after 
a meal and I'm under 120 I know that I need to continue to check because 
there's a great likelihood of going low.  I have definitely slowed down since 
the first two months of pumping, but I don't think there are ever days where 
I test less than 8 times, and usually its 10 or so.  This is what works for 
me and of course YMMV.  Unless your doctor refuses to prescribe the necessary 
number of strips to accommodate your testing schedule, keep doing whatever 
works for you and makes you most comfortable with your new pump. 

IDDM since 1976 at age 13 months... pumping with Tabitha my blue minimed 508 
since 3/07/00

<< She said she has patients who test way too often and she wishes she could 
convince them not to.  I don't understand this.  Since carb counting is so 
new to me, and
still a big guessing game, I want to test often to see if I am doing this
right.  Has anyone else ever had a CDE or MD tell them not to test so often.
I don't think that testing 8-13 times a day is excessive. >>

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