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Re: [IP] Basal rates question

I guess I misunderstood before.  When I talked to the Clinic staff about
going on the pump, one of them told me that some doctors have their patients
fast in order to set basal rates, but the CDE's here don't like to have
their patients fast, but you will only be allowed to eat 3 meals a day at
the beginning, unless you are low.

When I started the pump, the CDE didn't say anything about eating only 3
meals, but she did say that I should try to eat at the same time everyday,
at least until my basal rates were set.

I was under the impression that fasting meant eating nothing all day and I
was not eager to try that.  I did test several times each night for the
first week, but now she said to just test at 3 a.m. every few days, just to
be sure.

I have not eaten dinner these last 2 days due to a very hectic schedule.  I
just test before I go to bed and maybe have some grapes.  But fasting for
certain times of the day sounds do-able and like a good idea.

The other issue I have is this:  For years I have been hounded about not
testing enough, and everyone told me that with the pump, you have to test
very often.  Well, for me, testing is the easiest thing in the world.  No
matter where I am, I can do a test quickly and discreetly, and then I know
exactly what my BG level is - no guessing.  When I went to see the CDE a few
days ago, she said I should keep testing before meals, but I should cut out
after meal, middle of the night and other in-between tests.  She said she
has patients who test way too often and she wishes she could convince them
not to.  I don't understand this.  Since carb counting is so new to me, and
still a big guessing game, I want to test often to see if I am doing this
right.  Has anyone else ever had a CDE or MD tell them not to test so often.
I don't think that testing 8-13 times a day is excessive.

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The whole point of the pump is to offer more flexability than this CDE seems
to understand....While fasting is harder on Multiple Daily Injections, it is
easier to do on the pump and since it's sometimes necessary to reset your
basals, fasting is more "do-able" than before and is actually recommended by
many endos and CDEs. They may be just a bit concerned because of your
newness to the pump, but on a weekend or day when you can test often, why
not 'miss' breakfast, and test every hour if you're at 100, every 2 hours if
you're at say 120? If you 'bottom out' then you'll know the basals for that
time (usually the preceeding hour) need to be adjusted.
Your schedule is a lot like mine sometimes, and having a coorectly set
basal should ease the hypoglycemia troubles.  Have a word with the pump
trainer and your CDE again.

Jenny S.

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