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[IP] Autonic bladder?

Posted a month ago about tests I was to have on my bladder. Saw a urologist 
today who explained that I have Autonic (spelling?) bladder, which means 
something is wronbg with my bladder muscle as a result of diabetes.  I asked 
if I had autonomic neuropathy and he said that I had autonic bladder, which 
sounds like the same thing to me. Also implied that this often is accompanied 
by gastroparesis. Does anyone know more about this because I'm trying real 
hard not to panic. 

The unacceptable number that he gave me on the urodynamic tests was 258 . 
Says they like to see the number under 100. I don't know how many things they 
test for with the bladder emptying test. I'll get the results from my endo. 
when I get in to see her and can relate exactly which test results urologist 
said were abnormal. 

By the way, my A1Cs have never been over 7 (always 5-6s) and I've had 
diabetes for almost 22 years. 

Beth H.
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