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[IP] Arm Sites

> I have heard all of the discussion about different sites.  How awkward is
it to use an arm, thigh or but-tock? (universal buttock pronunciation)

Arms can be awkward and annoying but I used them exclusively for 4 mths. Use
the same squishy area on the back of the upper arm where you'd attempt to
aim a shot and insert set there. Then feed tubing up sleeve/arm and hook or
pin pump to bra/inside of shirt or even ones pant waistband if using long
enough tubing and having short enough arms:) The tubing will sometimes get
loose and try to wander or tie your arm up, so I've tried taping in up my
arm but am allergic and then just tegadermed site in and the site-attached
part of tubing and fed tubing into my sleeves. The tubing laid behind my
shoulder and against my side or my ribcage in my shirt and went down the
back of my arm when topless (not often!). I wore loose men's Tshirts for arm
sites or wore tank tops and let it all show. Arm tubing tends to pull and
tug when moving certain ways if the tubing  is just not slack enough in your
shirt. I carried a 10lb backpack and a 10 lb cat daily with arm sites and
rarely had problems, but of course, YMMV. It's worth a try tho if you think
you can find creative ways to deal with the tubing tickling your arm and
finding as place to put it and the tubing so it doesn't get in the way or
wrapped around your arm.

Now on belly sites

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