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[IP] Letter from MM/Cannulas

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for your response to my letters regarding selling cannulas and
tubing separately.   I passed your letter on to the insulin pump user's
group on the net. You probably saw the comments.  In the unlikely event you
are not a subscriber, I highly recommend that you become one.  Contact

Also, thank you for your suggestion to use Silhouettes' Combo packs(5/10).
I have been doing so since the week they came out....and I still have extra
tubing going to waste. 

Item #4 in your letter, selling Sites (cannulas) and tubing separately is,
naturally, the preferred option by insulin pumpers.   Any regulatory issues
would have to be for profit only, since no one wants the problems associated
with using the site/tubing for longer than "recommended".   

Using the tubing, cannula (sites) AND the reservoir (which IS sold
separately with the words "Single Use Only" printed on it) longer than the
recommended time may bring on site infections, high blood sugars from site
degradation, high blood sugars from equipment no longer functioning properly
and high blood sugars bring on physical complications which a diabetic wants
to avoid.  

If a pumper's only option, due to the expense, is to reuse the tubing and
reservoir one time, that second use will not cause your company a
significant lose of money.  Maybe the pumper will not be able to use the
pump at all without cutting those corners.  So essentially, although he/she
is using the equipment longer than recommended (stretching his dollars and
usage), you would only receive half the profit from those few folks that
re-use once.   

Personally, I have found that re-using the equipment is not worth the risk
of my having high blood sugars/no delivery alarms, etc.  Yet in an emergency
away from home, I have had to re-use on occasion.  

My point is that we want to have a choice.  I want to choose NOT to purchase
equipment I don't need.   Separate choice for me would be approximately 3
cannulas for each tubing, because of the problems I have with sites.  Last
Tuesday I went through 3 cannulas before I got an absorbing site.   Just my
pincushion syndrome at work, as usual. 

Most pump users and their parents are very "compliant" regarding pump use
and have their own health as a priority in their lives. This  should be
enough for Mini Med to trust them to use good judgement without forcing them
to waste their money. 

Insurance rates are also affected by this forced purchase.   How does Blue
Cross Blue Shield feel about products for which they paid good money, being
tossed in the garbage.  My next batch will go to the CEO for BCBS at the
home office in New Jersey.  

Again, thank you for your response.  
F. C. (Bonnie) Richardson


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