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RE: RE: [IP] Re: Do you rebound high from a low

Hi everyone!

I've been told by my CDE not to bouls for a rebound hi - that
this hi will correct itself. This doesn't make any sense to me.
Has anyone else heard of this?


== Steve ==

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>From: Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted>
>To: "'email @ redacted'" <email @ redacted>
>Date: 8/3/00 6:48:41 PM

>In this discussion I have to agree with you 100%.  In fact my
doctor years
>ago discussed this effect with my parents.  (15 years ago).
>Bacon...what an excellent guy. ;)  Ok, so I was 9 years old
and was having
>these really super bad lows every 2-3months or so that seemed
to come out of
>nowhere.  When checking more often we discovered that I was
running low and
>then my bgs were coming up on their own.  Actually going up
into the 200s.
>When we identified this he cut my insulin down several units.
>He explanation to a 9 year old was this(he told my parents the
more medical
>version): "The body has its own resources of sugar that it stores
>emergencies.  When it senses you are in an emergency situation
it dumps some
>into your system to help you out.  This is why your bgs are
going up when
>you have been low.  However, if you have enough of these emergencies
in a
>short amount of time you will deplete your emergency supply
and have nothing
>left to counter your lows.  So the reason you are having these
really bad
>lows several weeks apart, is that your body can't take care
of them any
>15 years later it still makes sense.  If you don't have stores
in your liver
>to dump then you are going to fall like a rock when you need
them.  When my
>insulin was cut back my highs and crazy lows went away.
>-- Sherry
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