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[IP] Pumping at Day Care!/Basal Woes

To pass on some great news - our attorney called last night to tell us
the State of California just granted us an exemption yesterday allowing
the providers at Brian's day care to operate his pump!  YIPPEE!!!!
Although it doesn't change any laws, its a good start!  We have been
working on this since last November, and our wonderful (free) attorney,
Chris Palamountain at the Child Care Law Center in San Francisco would
love to hear from anyone in similar circumstances.  The Center only
handles day care issues - no school issues - but they can work on cases
anywhere in the country.  You can reach Chris at 415-495-5498 x-304, or
email @ redacted  Or e-mail me privately, or call me at
530-596-3548.   Now, I want to get the word out and see if we can keep
the ball rolling and remove some of the day care barriers for other kids
- other than posting on the lists that I belong to (this one and
Children With Diabetes), and telling our local paper - subscription
about 2,000, any ideas????

On a completely different topic - but since I am already posting - is
anyone having as hard a time as I am setting basal rates?  I will get
Brian to fast (3-4 hours at a time) and get different results all the
time.  One day he'll go up between 6AM and 10AM, then he might stay the
same, then he might go down -  all without making any changes to his
basal rates.  We test at night too - and have some weird things happen -
the other day he went up 130 points between 5AM and 8AM, and the next
day he went down 100 points between the same time.  Again, with no
changes in his basal rates, and these are obviously fasting times.  His
basal rate is .2 units here.  I guess he may have had a low and
rebounded one night - but he was in the mid-200's at midnight that
night...  I am really frustrated with this part of pumping.  We still
test 12+ times a day because there are no patterns, and he could be
ANYWHERE.  This is a little extreme - but last night he was 133 at
10:00pm and 30 minutes later he was 45!!! His basal rate then is only .1
units and his bedtime snack bolus of 1.5 units was at 8:45pm.  He has
had diabetes for 18 months now - so I doubt he's honeymooning....  Plus
we clean his fingers every time we test....  I'm sure growth hormones
play a part, and I know different foods, exercise, stress, and the color
of his underwear all contribute to his numbers, but I don't know what to
do - so I do nothing. Make no changes and test, test, test.  Our endo is
stumped too.  Don't even ask about our experience with the CGMS - either
that machine is crazy or our meter is - but which one???  We had several
wild differences - and of course both companies claim their meter is the
accurate one! The CGMS showed Brian in the 300's all night one night
(the Accucheck Advantage said he was in low 200's) and another night the
CGMS showed Brian was in the 40's for about an hour while the test we
did manually had him about 220.  He goes up - he goes down - and I go on
and on....sorry this is so long!  Any ideas??
Thanks a million - Laurie, mom to Brian, age 4, dxd 12-98, pumping 4-00
and Keith, age 7
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