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[IP] Hepatitus/liver problems?!?

First, let me offer a much-overdue "Thank You" to all of those who responded
off-list to my query about kidney stone experiences.  The doctor believes
that it was actually a "lower lumbar strain"...but there are things we are
still supposed to be keeping an eye on, so we'll see.  :-/

My next question is more diabetes-related.  I finally bullied my mom into
asking her doctor about the possibility of putting her on insulin.  (She's
the one who has been on every oral med under the sun for the past several
years, without a great change from "riding the rollercoaster".)  He told her
he's holding off doing that, only wants to consider it as a last resort,
since she's managing for the most part to keep her numbers under the 200
range...he said it (going on insulin) could have serious detrimental effects
on her liver.  ---Bit of background:  When she became inexplicably ill
several years ago (when she was dxed as diabetic), they found indications in
her liver that she had had hepatitus in her childhood, & had never known
it. ---  Now this is an area I do not have an extensive background
in...maybe he's right, & the liver is the thing to worry about more.  Since
diabetes IS the area I've looked into a lot more, though, I have these
nightmarish visions of her dealing with ugly complications due to years of
uncontrolled sugar levels & what they can do to an already stressed
body...because she was NOT moved to the next step when oral diabetes meds
didn't work, all for the sake of protecting her liver.  Somehow I don't
think that having protected the liver would be a great consolation if you
had to go on dialysis due to kidney problems.

Like I said, I do not have enough closeup knowledge about liver problems to
be able to evaluate this one.  Is there anyone out there who  has dealt with
the combination of hepatitus/liver-function problems & diabetes, who might
be able to offer any insight here?  Anything at all would be greatly


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