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[IP] Re:help at work--remember me?

Hey, I've been off the list for 6 or 8 weeks, but I was the one who wrote
about my insensitive boss spreading rumors about me leaving my job
because I couldn't handle my diabetes. I want to thank everyone for their
tremendous support, both those who replied to me on and off-list. Knowing
that you guys are out there in my corner, and that many of you had
similar horrible experiences helped me a lot. I may have misrepresented
myself in that posting. I did not want to sue my boss, but I did want to
know my legal recourse. 

After calling ADA, they suggested it was more a case of slander rather
than an Americans with Disability Act case, and they strongly suggested I
contact a lawyer. I did, and after much consultation and his advice, I
contacted the company's lawyer and asked for a what would be either a
reference letter or statement given to any future employers of mine who
would call this company. I'm in the midst of getting that now, and faxing
it to my lawyer. I also told the company lawyer, in confidence, many of
the problems I had had with these boss and others in the office, not all
related to diabetes. She ended up speaking to my ex-boss after I left,
who promptly told everyone else in the office what I had said about each
of them. I guess "in confidence" means very little. Now when people call
there asking for me they are told they have the wrong number, and my mail
is rarely being forwarded. 

On the bright side, I'm out of that job, and have a much better one with
wonderful support, and I work from home. And in the midst of all this
mess I found out I was pregnant, so those recent pregnancy queries have
been really helpful for me. I'm about ten weeks along, and so far, so
good. As for the ultrasound question, I asked the tech about it, and she
said they just work around the pump without any problem, but to bring a
set change in case they need you to remove it, which is doubtful. 

Thanks again for everyone's help, and it's nice to be back on-line.

Maureen Meyers 

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