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[IP] Type 2 on pill

SNIP>>>>>>From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Type 2's and lows????
Just a quick question for you type 2's on pills. Do type 2's on pills suffer

low blood sugars?<<<<<<<<SNIP

Absolutely.  My father who developed type 2 at the age of 75, was put on
pills 2xday.  He ended up in the hospital 4 times with the staff thinking he
was having a heart attack.... I finally  convinced them, his doctor and him
(the hardest to convince) to cut way back on his insulin, because every time
he had one of these spells, candy or juice revived him.   It wasn't
coincidence, after all.   Now he takes one half a pill in the morning and he
is fine the rest of the day.  He is one of those wonderful oldies (87) who
believes his friend the doctor is absolutely correct and Dad would never
question anything he does or any medication he recommends and doesn't even
know what some of his pills are for.  Gets mad at me if I even suggest his
doing something other than what the doc says.....

Oh, but get this....when he fell recently and the doc told him to stay flat
on his back for all but two hours of the day, to help 2 crushed vertabrae
heal, you know what he does in those two hours????  Gets out on the riding
lawn mower to cut the grass....and moans and groans later, but still doesn't
want to take the pain pills....

His wife and I sometime think of just batting him over the head with a
baseball bat!   Lordy I do love him, but he is so stubborn and sometime

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