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[IP] Pumper for 3 weeks...

I joined the list after recieving my Disetronic H-Tronplus.  I've been 
observing mostly and now I have a few questions.  I think I was trained very 
poorly.  The pump educator had to fly in for my training and had to train the 
medical staff at my dietician's office at the same time.  My pump was sent 
about two weeks before my training and I asked if I could put the batteries 
in and get to know the pump a little before the training.  He said that would 
be fine, but under no circumstances was I to insert anything!  The day of 
training I was hooked up to my pump and began with insulin.  I was stuck with 
infusion sets which were extremely painful and bg's that were great the first 
week or so and have now began to spin out of control.  I was using the 
tenders and I'm thin so I was inserting into muscle.  I've switched to the 
rapid 8 mm but those only work in a few areas with no pain.  I was told to 
only insert into my stomach and the right side of my stomach doesn't seem to 
absorb AT ALL!  I've called the educator and he's told me to stick to my left 
side...that's fine except for the fact that the old sites don't seem to be 
healing fast enough.  I've inserted 3 sets in 3 days and I'm at a lose!  Can 
anyone help?  I'm also looking for Pumpers in my area!  I don't care what 
pump or how old..I need personal experience and a helping hand!  I doubt I'll 
find anyone near me but it's worth a try...so if there are any of you from 
deep, DEEP South Texas (I'm talking 7 miles from Mexico) I'm located in the 
Rio Grande Valley Please E-mail me!
Arlene and Trixie (my pump--means: the Bringer of Joy)
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