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[IP] Type 2's and lows????

Just a quick question for you type 2's on pills. Do type 2's on pills suffer 
low blood sugars?  I'm sorry if i sound totally stupid. I just had an 
experience with an older man who'd fallen on a  sidewalk and was having 
difficulty. He was sweaty and clammy, coloring was off, and he said he was 
diabetic. So i ran to my car to grab one of Matt's juiceboxes. As i'm giving 
it to him i asked him when he had his last injection and he said he was on 
the pill. Now i know i'm not going to hurt him by giving the juice even if 
he's not low....but on the way home i was wondering just how it works with 
the pills as opposed to shots or pumping. Paramedics did come and i told them 
he was diabetic and i gave him 4oz of juice....he was not in good shape, i'm 
just sorry Matt had to see it and know "it could be him"!  I hate this 
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