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Re: [IP] Ultra sound

Hi Denise
   bg's were very difficult to control at first, I got pump when I was 4 
months pregnant. After the pump adjusting phase they were a lot easier . 
Everyones preg and D are dif though. The lows were very low and sometimes I 
would mistake being tired for a lo and go take a nap only to awake later 
after my husband gave me glucagon dazed and confused.Happened alot during my 
preg. So always have glucagon available. My preg went well , bgs are 
difficult but i had a good perinatologist and D educator who listened well 
and were open to try diff things. I've ahd D for 20 yrs got it at age 9.Had 
1st child at age 19--2nd at 24, and 3rd at 28.All  are happy and healthy no 
ill effects of living in my womb. Thank the Lord. Babies born to D women are 
usually larger than ave. that does have to do w/ up and down bg's mostly the 
hi's. Things like kidney failure and eye damage can happen faster while preg 
but being in good control first makes those neg things less likely to happen. 
 My ob sent me to eye dr. twice and ran 24 hr urine check 4 times.She was on 
the ball and knew all things to look for. She has been there for all 3 of my 
kids and knew me real well. I had every test in the book ran so I think I 
ended up in better shape than before I got preg this last time. I would not 
do it again w/o pump!!! On other hand my sis lost most of eyesight and had 
kidney failure with her preg and doesnt have a pump and doesnt care at all 
and has never taken care of herself. My advice is to be stable before getting 
preg and make commitment to stay as in control as u can while preg, it is 
hard btu having a positive attitude and good support really can help.Sorry to 
ramble but its a subject I know too well. If you need anything else please 
emaill me at email @ redacted luck and God bless---Jenee'
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