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[IP] CDE's and 3 meals a day...

Someone said:

>what I was told by the dietician, the CDE doesn't like us to
fast, just try to eat 3 meals a day at approximately the same time each
day. <<

Bonnie replied:

>>You know, I have ignored this statement the 3-4 times it has been
But I just can't stand not putting my nickels worth in about it.  The whole
point of wearing a pump, 6 days or 6 years, is to grant freedom from this
very thing.  Fasting is necessary to determine your patterns and bg
behavior, although admittedly you might want to wait till you have been on
the pump a few weeks.  But the freedom to eat/or not eat when every you want
is what the pump is about.   My feeling is this dietition and CDE needs a
little education. <<

I agree completely.  I have found so much more freedom with my pump,
nevermind that I might bolus a hundred times a day depending on when I
decide I want something.  You see, that's what true freedom is, and if I
want dinner at 5:00 p.m. one day and 9:00 p.m. the next because I'm meeting
friends for dinner, that's freedom also.  We went out of town for a family
reunion and for me, it was so wonderful for the first time in my diabetic
life to just eat with everyone else.  "Normal" people don't eat to a
schedule and if you lock yourself into one, then you'll miss out on so much
as I did on MDI.  I will never go back to a locked in schedule.

RoseLea and Max... still living life to the MAX and loving every second of

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