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RE: [IP] Running out of sites

Then again...some of us would argue against the SofSerter being a "miracle"
device.  That thingy has only caused me pain and suffering.
Thus, why I use sils/tenders.

I am not a thin person.  I have a spare tire on me that could fit an
18-wheeler.  :)  However, the sofsets were giving me all sorts of problems
and the softserter made it worse. All the bruising, pain, stinging, and
blood just didn't work for me.  I tried manually putting in sets and that
worked much better, but I still had pain and stinging later from the

With the sils/tenders I can insert at my own speed and tell right away if a
site is going to be painful.  I also have the advantage of putting it in at
any angle.  For me it has to be <20 degrees.  I put them in like I am
skinny, but I am not.  Weird...

I just had to mention the fact that telling someone to use the sofserter on
their stomach because it is painless isn't going to work for everyone.  In
fact I have never had a sil/tender hurt as much as my least painful
sofserter insertion.

Now waiting for the flame...

-- Sherry
Sherry and Determination(Blue MM508) pumping together since 12/6/99
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