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RE: [IP] Re: Do you rebound high from a low and Melba Fisher

In this discussion I have to agree with you 100%.  In fact my doctor years
ago discussed this effect with my parents.  (15 years ago).  Dr.
Bacon...what an excellent guy. ;)  Ok, so I was 9 years old and was having
these really super bad lows every 2-3months or so that seemed to come out of
nowhere.  When checking more often we discovered that I was running low and
then my bgs were coming up on their own.  Actually going up into the 200s.
When we identified this he cut my insulin down several units.

He explanation to a 9 year old was this(he told my parents the more medical
version): "The body has its own resources of sugar that it stores for
emergencies.  When it senses you are in an emergency situation it dumps some
into your system to help you out.  This is why your bgs are going up when
you have been low.  However, if you have enough of these emergencies in a
short amount of time you will deplete your emergency supply and have nothing
left to counter your lows.  So the reason you are having these really bad
lows several weeks apart, is that your body can't take care of them any

15 years later it still makes sense.  If you don't have stores in your liver
to dump then you are going to fall like a rock when you need them.  When my
insulin was cut back my highs and crazy lows went away.

-- Sherry
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