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Re: [IP] Running out of sites

"It was just before he started on the pump that he even had enough skin to 
grab on his stomach that we could give shots there.......he only had two 
there and went bonkers......hated it.....said never again......"

While I can't really speak for where else he could insert a set (since I'm 
still stickin with the belly until I either get the guts up to try my hip or 
such or I have trouble with my belly sites) I was DEFINITELY a stomachphobic 
diabetic up until the day I started my pump.  I asked many questions on this 
list, fearing the moment I'd have to suck it up and insert that needle in my 
belly.  I don't know if your son would try it just once, but I'd bet he is 
surprised at how easy and most often painless the sof-serter makes the belly 
sites.  If you use the Sils, then I imagine the pain/discomfort may be 
similar to shots (one of the reasons I haven't tried them myself yet) but the 
sof-serter is the tool that makes changing my sets so easy and stress free.  
In almost five months of pumping I have only had any pain once and I took 
that site out and started over with no problems.  At nine years old I don't 
know if I'd have had the guts to try my stomach "just one more time", but I 
think (and hope) that if he were courageous enough that he'd be amazed at the 
difference between the quick action of the sof-serter and the slower 
insertion of a syringe.

IDDM since July 1976...born May 1975...pumping since March 2000 with Tabitha, 
my blue minimed 508
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