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Re: [IP] Re: Do you rebound high from a low and Melba Fisher

So when our Endo says it is a proven fact you do not go high
> from a low I do not know where is is getting his info.


I'd like to know, too...I'm with Diane, one of those whose numbers tend to
skyrocket after a low that reaches the "point of no return"...when the body
is notified "hey guys, we need some serious help here" & provides a generous
glucose dump/adrenaline rush.  While there are authorities who argue over
how rare or common it actually occurs, they do (at least the ones I've read)
agree that the Somogyi, or rebound, effect is a very real thing & does send
blood sugar levels up following the hormone release that can accompany a
low.  Something else that I have to remind myself of at times when a BG
level stays high even after what should be sufficient treatment:

    The effects of these hormones continue even after the reaction has been
treated...[BG's may] remain high for 12 to 24 hours, even as long as 48
hours. (from The Joslin Guide to Diabetes)

What you probably DON'T want to do here is what I used to do...keep checking
& then, since the numbers weren't going down, conclude that I needed MORE
insulin to bring it down immediately (or at least in what seems like a more
reasonable amount of time than "12 to 24 hours"!), leading to an insulin
overload that, at some point, brings on another low...talk about creating
your own endless rollercoaster!!

I'd be very interested in the source of his "proof"...as I think I'm walking
around in proof that it DOES happen!  :)


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