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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #385

Hola Lisa,
    My name is Regina and I have an 8 yr old daughter who has been pumping 
since March 9.  My heart hurt when I read your post because I have been 
there.  The first 6 weeks of Site changes were awful.  Angela hated the noise 
of the sofserter, the look of the needle and it hurt!   Getting the old site 
off was just as bad.  We used Emla cream, we were told to let the Emla sit on 
her skin for at least 30-40 minutes to get the best numbing effect.--not sure 
where you can get ella max.  What we did is let her take some 
control--picking sites, getting the tape ready, helping to prime the pump and 
constantly talk her through it.  We let her count to 10 at her own pace then 
as quickly as we could, press the button.  I think part of it was it was new 
and noisy and she noticed since all this new stuff, she had to prick her 
finger more often--probably associated the 2 and thought THIS STINKS.   With 
lots of tears (on my part, while she wasn't looking) and patience--she has 
realized that she feels so much better with her pump and we don't do 10 BGs a 
day anymore and site changes aren't so hard anymore.  She complains when it's 
time but gets them over with.  I remember those first few weeks, I felt 
Another thing she recently told me is when we do her buttocks (back of hip) 
area, it doesn't hurt at all.  We no longer use Emla--we use something like 
Anbesol (I think she thinks it helps--I doubt it does anything)  Our CDE 
didn't want use to use Emla all the time because they weren't sure what the 
long term effect of constricting the blood vessels over years would do.  Many 
people I have talked to still use Emla and have for years.  Every endo is 
different.  I know your daughter is a bit younger but maybe something is my 
long winded note here will help.  As far as taking the tape off--we do it in 
the bath!  Seems to be much easier.  I shall keep you in my prayers!  God 
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