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Re: [IP] Re: Do you rebound high from a low?

I've read some mixed responses on rebounds - I think different people have 
different levels of response. Young kids seem to have REALLY strong rebound 
responses. My son sometimes had them because unfortunately he shows no 
symptoms when he is low. His worst rebound was in the middle of the night. He 
went to bed in the high 100s, and I figured he was fine. He woke us up 
somewhere around 3am. He was white as a ghost, covered with sweat, had soaked 
his pullup, and was very confused. He was looking in the mirror talking about 
seeing snow. I tested him and he was over 500!!!

We didn't give him any extra insulin (he had already had too much and he had 
no ketones), his body reabsorbed most of the glucose through the night. He 
woke up high, but I think it was somewhere in the high 200s. It was scary, but 
I'm thankful his hormones kicked in and released his stores, because it could 
have been much worse!

There is something called Somogyi effect. Some doctors believe that it does 
not exist (or that if it does it is very rare), and that the highs after a 
hypo are from overtreating. I believe I have seen rebounds first-hand, 
although I guess without CGM we'll never know for sure!

Either way, I have seen many times when I have been adjusting my son's insulin 
where DEcreasing the short-acting in the morning brought his lunch BG LOWer. I 
never observed him having a hypo, but I suspected he was rebounding when his 
BG was so high at lunch. And the results from DEcreasing his insulin seem to 
support the theory.

Mom to Celia (6 and non-diabetic) and Ryan (3, dx'd 2/9/00 and pumping soon!)

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