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No Subject

We just bought "adhesive remover" from Drugstore.com.

Baby oil or mineral oil works ok.  Soak the tape for a when (with the oil) then
it kind of goos off.

For insertions:  some people use an ice pack or cold soda can to cool the site

We use sils and have a ritual....

We clean first and prep skin.
She then gathers her strength and calm.
She says ready....we open the sil package.
She says set.....we pinch the skin after removing the plastic needle cover
She says go.....we slide it home and extract the needle.

We don't use ice or Emla cream.  Just in case there is non around one day.  She
is addicted to the enject-ease for shots.

She is 8.

We do it this way because it gives her some control.

Curtis Lomax

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