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Re: [IP] Re: Do you rebound high from a low?

Oh how I know.  I have been told for about 38 years that I was over
compensating with Carbs and to cut back when I have a low.  Well then I
didn't eat anything and I would still rebound from not even registering
on the meter to about 40.  I ask everyone what was wrong.  Always "ITS
YOUR FAULT!"  I was in the hospital for surgery, had a low before going
to the op room.  Nothing to eat no IV glucose.  I rebounded up into the
500's  My endo worked with my sugars for 3 days.  I was unconscious. 
After nearly dying, and then regaining conscious my endo says, Oh by the
way your rebounding without carbs is due to adrenalin which is released
when you have a low, which makes you insulin resistant.  Apparently the
Endo had struggled with highs and lows like I had been asking about for
many years.  Ask your Endo or Dr about this and feel free to relate my
Hope you have better luck from the beginning than I did
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