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Re: [IP] Rebounding from lows

In a message dated 8/2/00 9:28:45 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< When I get 30 or 40 (in my lame US numbers) I sure don't feel like 
measuring 3 ounces of juice as my ever-so-helpful doctor suggests.  I eat 
whatever is in my path.  And it seems like it takes so long for the symptoms 
to stop, that I often overdo.   >>

OK, eating "whatever is in your path" is the natural response.  If it doesn't 
happen to be glucose tablets or something else with a very high glycemic 
index (incidentally, most juices don't actually have a very high glycemic 
index, so don't act that quickly), it's going to take longer for the symptoms 
to stop.  Even with glucose tabs, sometimes you might want to eat more -- I 
try to wait a few minutes so that the glucose tabs can start working, then 
count the carbs in what I am eating and bolus for that (after I am sure my 
numbers are no longer in a danger zone).  It's a lot easier if the glucose 
tabs are "in my path" -- I have them by the bed, in the kitchen, in the TV 
room, in my purse, and I have one by the door that I always put (with my 
meter) in my pocket when I go outside.  There are other things I sometimes 
use (I find frozen fruit bars work really quickly, maybe because I am sucking 
them and the amylase in my saliva works better than my unpredictable stomach; 
many candies have dextrose as their main ingredient), but I actually don't 
want those "in my path" all the time because then I am tempted to eat them at 
other times when I don't need them -- but you may have more self control than 
I do <gr.>.

Linda Z
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