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[IP] Rebounding from lows

Pommy Mommy is a mathematical wizard with the Canadian bg numbers!  I am impressed!
This has been one of my main control issues--overcorrecting a low.  When I get 30 or 40 (in my lame US numbers) I sure don't feel like measuring 3 ounces of juice as my ever-so-helpful doctor suggests.  I eat whatever is in my path.  And it seems like it takes so long for the symptoms to stop, that I often overdo.  So I may have a 30 or 40 then a 300 or 400 a few hours later, so I
may take a small amount of humalog.  Guess what?  Then if I overdid it again, I might get low again.  This has been the nightmare of my existence these last few years.  My body never seems to react the same way to the same amount of insulin and the dose can have unpredictable results.
I don't have much advice for you here.  I guess you will just have to see what works for you.  I finally had to give up Poptarts, my once a week vice because they were just too tempting to have in the house when I got low.

Sherry C. from the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Dusting her pump often as it sits in its box waiting to be used.

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