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Re: [IP] Frustrated Mom of Diaper pumper

> Well I am not sure where to start...My daughter is 2 and on the pump and
> feel we have run out of places to insert.  We can only use three different
> areas.  First of all, she hardly has any fat at all and we cannot use her
> tummy.  Then, she has hypertrophy (spelling)  in her left thigh so that
> leaves three areas, her bottom at the diaper line and her right thigh


Being well out of diapers myself, I'm not sure how well this would
work...but if you are really low on "infusion space", it might be worth a
try.  Have you thought about trying the back of the upper arm area?  I know
that some people do use their arms (I've never tried it...but according to
accounts on here, it does work) - since that's also a common place for
injections, it makes sense to me.  I don't know if her being able to reach
it or not is an issue...although come to think of it, if her thigh is one of
the choices you've still got, that sounds fairly reachable.

I'm not an expert on the art of toddler-pumpers...just wanted to throw in an
idea.  I hope you find something that works for her!


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