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RE: [IP] Diabetic watch

Denise [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I would be 
> interested to see 
> the difference in the watch and actual blood testing, but I 
> don't think I'd 
> give up my accuchek advantage machine yet.  

I believe the GlucoWatch has received approval by the FDA, but I could be
wrong (who, ME???).

But in any case, you *can't* give up your regular meter because it will be
needed to calibrate the GlucoWatch with each new sensor pad.

The device is definitely a big step in the right direction, but there are
some things that the hype is not saying:

- There is a three hour warm-up period for each new sensor pad before it can
begin taking readings.
- The battery (AAA) must be replaced with each sensor pad (or once a day --
I don't recall which) adding to the overall cost of using the GlucoWatch.
- The GlucoWatch is minimally invasive (not non-invasive) because of the
mild electric current which draws interstitial fluid from the skin into the
sensor pad.
- In approximately 5% of those in the clinical trials, the electric current
caused skin irritation.
- As mentioned above, the device must be calibrated with a standard meter
- The total and daily cost will probably be sufficiently high that few
insurance plans will cover it (at least at first), and then only for those
who can demonstrate a need for monitoring that frequently.

One of the best attributes of the GlucoWatch is the ability to determine
*direction* of a trend.  If we have a glucose measurement of 150, we're
going to treat it differently if it's on the rise than if it's on the way
down.  Another excellent feature is an alarm that can be set to warn if
glucose falls below a given level.  It would be useful to have a similar
alarm for highs as well, but I don't recall seeing that as one of the

Jim Handsfield
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