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[IP] A1C result and info on carb factors

Great news - Adam (4 1/2, pumping 6 months) got his A1c last week, 6.9!!!
The last one was 8.0, but he was sick a lot and we were adjusting to the
pump, and had a lot of problems with the softsets.  The last one before the
pump was 7.2. We were very excited, it's been a lot of hard work and
adjusting, and figuring out what works best for him.

Someone posted about the carb factors in the last week or so, that they had
a list, and would send it to whoever was interested. I am, if that person
is reading this!! Are there any web sites with this information on it?

Also, does anyone find the humidity raises their blood sugars?? Adam has
been running around 12 to 18 (200 to 300's) the last couple of days. We
changed site, tube and resevoir, and insulin bottles, and he's still high.
We can bolus the high down, but it will be up again. Should I change his
basals up a little bit? (He runs .2 most of the day, .3 after bed and in am.) 

He doesn't always feel the low, and I have a babysitter a couple days a
week when I work, so I'm kind of hesitant to change something when I'm not
around all day.

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