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Re: [IP] Re: Do you rebound high from a low?

I am pretty much like that....Does this endo have diabetes? 1.0mmol/L = 18
mg/dL...52.2 mg/dL is pretty low, but another option is how much glucose are
you treating it with? A couple of glucose tabs or 4oz of juice? Or All the
candy he wants?  On MDI Hypos were my reason to party hearty, but boy, I
overshot it too. Other times, I'd sleep through one and get up with a bg of
over 19.4 mmol/L (350 mg/dL)
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
: Do you rebound high from a low?
Our Endo told me that
> you do not rebound from a low more the about 2 points or so. But when Ryan
> has a low like 2.9 then later and allways this happens he goes up to the
> or 18mmols.

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