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[IP] Re: MM operation

The easiest thing to do is you make a goof with the MMed is to hit "suspend" 
which is very quick and easy, the second function in order on the menu.  But 
I could see where you might accidentally hit the "down"  button when you 
start your bolus.  I've done that and realized it before I hit enter, because 
I always look at the readout.  It starts off at your max dose (whatever 
you've programmed in--it's in Set up 2 area on my MM 507C).  Mine's set at 
10U max, so when I go into bolus, if I hit the down button it starts there.  
I think this is a very minor design flaw, altho I suppose it's marginally 
easier to go down from 10 if you're taking 6 units.  
If (whoever it was, sorry, lost the thread start) you're worried about 
repeating this error, just crank your max dose down alot.  I never take 10 
units come to think, so I'm going to do that right now too.

PS  this is off my subject line, but thanks to everyone who's been writing 
about cataract surgery, esp the hassle over the eye surgery's insistence that 
I remove my pump.  You are all such wonderful support.  I'm going in with 
written doctor's orders to leave my pump on and will produce this document if 
there's any . . . ahem . . noncompliance on the eye surgery's part.  And I 
broke into the steroid drops once ahead of time just to see if they'd raise 
the BG--so far, no prob.  8 days till surgery--counting down, urp.

In a message dated 7/31/0 2:17:19 PM,Christine writes:

> The difference (if I understand correctly) between the MM 
>and the D pump is to increase the bolus on the MM you press down the up
>down button and it goes up or down.  Slowly at first but if you continue
>hold it down it goes pretty fast.  You can press it one increment at a
>though if you want.  
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