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[IP] Frustrated Mom of Diaper pumper

Well I am not sure where to start...My daughter is 2 and on the pump and "I" 
feel we have run out of places to insert.  We can only use three different 
areas.  First of all, she hardly has any fat at all and we cannot use her 
tummy.  Then, she has hypertrophy (spelling)  in her left thigh so that 
leaves three areas, her bottom at the diaper line and her right thigh.  Next, 
every time I use a thigh she gets a staph infection at the site.  I use the 
same prep method each and every time and some sites are always getting those 
"lumps", redness, and irrations and they sometime bleed when I remove.  If 
they are not infected they go away in two days.  So what is normal here and 
what do I need to pay close attention to?  I just feel frustrated because we 
do have to change her sites every other day and it seems that her little 
bottom is all "used" up.  When I do use her thigh, as of today I am, she says 
it hurts and I am afraid it will get infected again and/or I am afraid it is 
in the muscle.  We use the MiniMed Micros because the Sils caused such bad 
infections we had to stop the pump and she had to take antibiotics for three 
weeks.  I am currently trying to get ahold of our team, but I called this 
morning AGAIN, and they usually get back to me in the afternoon.  Was hoping 
for "light at the end of the tunnel" advice.  If I have not made myself 
understood I am sorry I was trying to hurry and get this up on the IP List so 
I could get some help.

Lord Bless you, Tracy
Wife to Doug
Mom to two girls
Amy 12
Natalie 2- --Pumping insulin as of 2/18/2000
May today be the day they find a cure for Diabetes 
Jer. 29: 11

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