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[IP] Are diabetics assumed to be mentally incompetent by medical workers?

I'm sure this has all been said before but I can't resist adding my $0.02 

I assume that length of diabetes and overall age figure into the equation.

I know that I was once accused of taking my walkman with me into operating 
room (when I had Carpul Tunnel surgery about fifteen years ago) and accused of 
taking some sort of illegal injectables due to a horrible drug reaction to 
'real' drugs I had about 18 years ago.

I've been accused of not knowing anything about diabetes, not knowing anything 
about children and diabetes and not knowing anything about pumps.

It seems to me that medical professionals who are themselves 'behind' react 
very badly to anyone who seems to know something because they feel we 'haven't 
been trained' as they were.  Non-professionals just think any diabetic who is 
over 30 is there because they eat too much and don't care for themselves.

Yerachmiel Altman
who must have had even greater miracles occur for him then he realizes as he 
is approaching 38 years of diabetes and 20 years of pumping without loss of 
any internal organs and the gain of one external one.  (and still walking on 
my own feet as well and now able to eat with the best of them)

 The opinions expressed here are mine and no one elses.

 If you like them you have my permission to use them as
 long as my wife gets credit for any good ideas (who I
 probably got them from in the first place)

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