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Re: [IP] Beach bound

Alecia, just be careful.  Sand can do very bad things to electomechanical
devices.  Just a few tiny pebbles of very fine sand in the pump can
seriously damage the drive screw.  Keep it well covered with something that
keeps sand away and out of the direct sun. If you need to bolus, do it
through whatever cover you have to keep your sandy hands away (it is almost
impossible to get all the sand off your hands).  What I usually end up
doing if I'm at the beach for less than about 5 hours is totally
disconnecting.  Before going to the sand, I bolus an hours worth of basal.
Then I just pack some insulin and a syringe in a bag, and 2 or 3 hours
later, just shoot up the previous hours basal along with the next hours
worth.   It's a whole lot easier than hanging the pump on a bathing suit,
and you also dont' have to worry  about going in the waves.    Swimming
with a pump (even a waterproof Disetronic) is not pretty or comfortable
:-).   Have fun!!!!

<<<<<<<I will visiting my family in Avalon, NJ (yes, the
Jersey shore) for a few days.  This will be the first
time on the beach since becoming a "pumper".  I bought
a tankini to make the pump more accessible, but what
else do I need to know?  Obviously, I won't be taking
it in the water (its a MM 508), but what about sitting
in the scorching sun, and what if I get caught in a
sand storm (happens all the time in Jersey)?
Seriously, any helpful hints? thanks - Alecia >>>>>>>

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