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[IP] The saga of beginning pump training....

    Okay.  After asking everyone what they thought about my basal rates, I have decided
to wait for the meeting with my endo and pump trainer. I got my pump July 17, and they
said they'd meet me August 15.  I am a little disappointed about waiting so long. Once I
made the decision to do this and fought with the insurance folks, I wanted to start!  I
resent buying another bottle of NPH knowing I soon won't need it. Maybe I am being
unrealistic though. I guess I should just be patient.  At least I got someone to return
my calls.
    My main goal is to stop the swings, and I'm hoping the pump is going to be the
answer for me.  I'm tired of 40's and 400's in the same 24 hour period.  I'm tired of a
late dinner making me drop so low that I forget where I am, or crash so fast that I
can't seem to even walk to the kitchen without tripping and hurting myself.
    I never want another low like the one that made my husband think I was dying because
my slurred speech and strange behavior reminded him of his father who'd had a stroke. I
don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to see him staring at me because he
wanted to be sure I was breathing.
    And I want to have a healthy baby someday.
    So....I'm waiting until the 15th, none too patiently, but I am waiting.  And I'm
hoping that this will be the answer.

One a brighter note.... has anyone heard of some type of watch you wear that does
continuous blood glucose monitoring?? Or has another family member just gotten
confused?  My relatives are always trying to pass new information to me about things
they see or hear about, but sometimes they scramble the details.

Sherry C. from the massive city of Bowling Green, KY

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