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[IP] different Basals

 SNIP>>>>>My basals are
.7 -- 12 am to 4 am
.8 -- 4 am to 9 am
.7 -- 9 am to 6 pm
.6 -- 6 pm to 12 am<<<<<<SNIP

It is impossible for us to compare basal rates, and impossible for anyone to
say what is right/too much/too little for another person.  
For example mine are 12 am - 6 am .09; 6-8 am 1.4, 8-11am 1.6, 11am to 12 am
1.  This means nothing to anyone else because like we say, your mileage may
vary.  It is not just what you eat, it is activity, stress, hormones and
literally anything else going on for you.  The only way to determine if
yours are right, is by your bg tests.  

 And, after 5 years on the pump, I still have to adjust mine sometimes.  I
Have no idea why my body changes at this age (59).  Since gravity is
affecting so much of my body, it must be affecting my blood sugars as
Bonnie Richardson

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