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Re: [IP] Fasting Basal rates question

<<would you prolong your eating to see where your sugars 
If not please explain.>>

I am amazed at how little valuable training most new pumpers get. I know Denise asked this question because no one explained this testing process to her. I know this, because I didn't know about it until I read the "Pumping Insulin" book. Denise, you first want to check your over night sugars by testing through the night to see if levels are correct. Then you check mornings by fasting until noon while checking your sugar often. Your bg shouldn't go up or down more than 30 points. Then you check your afternoon and evening rate by fasting during that time and checking often. The same applies during this time. However, your basal requirements can change over time so you may need to do this testing every couple of years or when you are having problems.

David Butler  
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