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[IP] Kidney Stone experience/advice?

No, not for me.  And yes, I suppose this takes me a little off-topic...please slap my hands for it later, as right now I am tired & cranky from spending last night in the ER (nice to do it as the caretaker, as opposed to being the patient, though).  I will say, with pumping, although my BG levels jumped due to stress, that nice little bolus button allowed for easy correction - much preferred to the old method of fumbling with a syringe in trying circumstances.
Anyway, since you folks provide one of my favorite medical resources (that "P.E." behind your names for "personal experience" tells me a lot more than many M.D.'s ever have), I'm asking for anyone's know-how here.  My husband (he who admits to no pain or weakness, ever...yes, it's a testosterone thing) came home from work yesterday, bent over to take his boots off, & collapsed in pain...said (when he could talk) that it felt like someone had just driven a spike through the small of his back & into his groin.  Once he made it onto the bed, he got kind of "stuck" (couldn't get up, couldn't move) so we called the doc, who said get to the ER.  They ran some tests...thought it might be kidney stones (run in his family) - still not entirely sure, but he should find out more in the follow-up, hopefully today.  The doctor there was favoring the idea that it could also be a pinched nerve that won't release...we'll see.  At any rate,  they sent him home with scrips for pain meds, muscle relaxers, & anti-inflamitories...which of course we can't get until the drugstore opens at eight.  In the meanwhile he's spent the last several hours tossing & turning & making those "I'm in real pain" sounds that he very seldom lets escape his lips.  (Around 3:00 when the Advil from earlier wore off, he finally passed beyond "I'll be alright" to "gods, this hurts!")
If anyone here has had experience with either kidney stones or pinched nerves, & would be willing to share anything as far as how this went for you, ways of easing pain, etc, I'd be very grateful if you'd e-mail me off-list about it.  Thank you so very much.
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